Sadiq and Sadaab Podcast: Episode 1

The summer of 2016 was a crazy one for the NBA and Knicks fans. After one year, we finally put up our first podcast. Hope you enjoy and listen to the whole thing! Feel free to give any suggestions, comments, or questions for our next podcast below! Thank you.

4:00 Kevin Durant’s decision

11:00 2016 Warriors, most disappointing of all time?

14:30 KD’s legacy?

18:00 NBA Salary Cap Bad timing?

19:30 Future of Oklahoma City Thunder and Westbrook?

22:30 Knicks Free Agency

26:30 Phil’s coaching search miscast by media?

29:00 How team fits together

37:30 Knicks future

39:30 Fast forward to 2017 Knicks Free agency

41:30 Westbrook to the Knicks?

43:30 How Knicks can make space for both CP3 and Blake Griffin

46:30 The Banana Boat stops in New York?

Thanks for listening!


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