In 2006, we became infatuated with baseball and soon the sabermetric revolution that followed. We would try to examine all kinds of numbers and see if there were reservoirs of talent being unused. Ultimately we became amazed with the Draft. We would (and still do) watch thousands of tape of amateur baseball players and scout them to the best of our abilities. Both my brother and I have gone on to see many players who we raved about before they became professionals go on to have Major League success. We then soon after decided to turn our scouting eye to basketball, especially since we were raised in the mecca of basketball. There was a considerable decrease in the amount of players we had to study in the NBA because of the small roster size compared to baseball. We tried scouting amateur college basketball players and our eye for talent in the NBA didn’t fail us. After learning more about the game of basketball, we decided to complete the trifecta and learn football. We will occasionally cover the NFL on this site but baseball and basketball are definitely our bread and butter. There is a lot of joy in assessing players and we always had dreams of being the architect of an championship team one day. Let’s see if that happens!

Hi, Hello and Happy Thanksgiving!

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